What Do I Need To Buy a House?

Jarrett & Jason's TOP TEN Home Buying Tips Laughing  If you have any other questions, want more info, curious about a home you saw... we are quick to reply if you email us or call (we love a phone call!)

1.  Get PreQualified NOW!  There are a dozen reasons why, we've seen it all... there could be credit report errors that take time to remedy and when you view a home you really like you need the pre-approval letter within minutes. 

2.  Due Diligence Money - We will advise you on a realistic amount to be prepared to present with your offer!  (This amount is very important, it's non refundable and you get a credit for this amount at closing).  

3.  A great real estate agent / Realtor that is well connected, experienced, and PROACTIVE... the Triangle market is competitive!

4.  Home Inspector | You need a great one that is tried and true... we have excellent recommendations.  (We always recommend a Home Inspection, ESPECIALLY in New Construction homes). 

5.  Homeowners Insurance (also referred to as "Hazard" Insurance) - You will want to have this policy in place ASAP.  Lender will need this information to proceed with the underwriting phase of your loan.  

6.  Closing Attorney - North Carolina is an "Attorney State" that will complete a title search and thus convey clear title to you at closing.  The closing attorney will conduct the actual closing (typically takes about 30 minutes). 

7.  Contractors, Handyman, Vendors | we have a wondeful list of reliable contractors!

8.  Movers coordinated after Closing occurs | we have a great recommendation no matter the size of your move!

9.  Utility Lists | You will have utilities pre-scheduled to begin on Closing Date.  (Note:  Internet providers will often times be 2+ weeks backlogged, we recommend coordinating that well in advance of closing). 

10.  Remember to change shipping addresses (think Amazon), submit mail forwarding to USPS, etc. 

We look forward to helping chart the way for a great Home Buying process!   You're welcome to send us any questions HERE!  

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